Ever wish you knew more about your potential customers?

If you’re like most business owners, you probably feel like you know a lot about your customers. In the Panhandle, we’re used to knowing a lot about our customers’ personal lives – you probably know their kids’ names, favorite hobbies and sports of choice. But what about your potential customers? You might wish you knew more about the folks who need a product or service like the one you sell, but haven’t connected with you yet.

That’s the most powerful part about working with an experienced SEO. We’re skilled in finding the data that makes it easier for you to reach your potential customers. From demographics to how your audience searches, the data a skilled search engine optimization specialist can provide help you know your potential customers better, which means you can make smarter business and marketing decisions to grow your business.

Ask your SEO specialist these questions to get interesting and valuable data:

  • Are there any related products or services with strong interest and opportunity that my business should explore?
  • Are my customers describing my products or services in a different way from how I describe them?
  • What features of my product or service are most interesting to potential customers?
  • What is it about my business that my customers are most curious about?
  • Where do my customers spend the most time online?
  • What are my competitors doing that may sway more customers to use their products or services?

The answers to those questions can help you grow and evolve your business, improve targeting for your online advertising spend and determine the messaging that can best reach your target audience.

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