About Us

Working with Executive Clients to Effectively Implement Corporate Strategy with On-Target Communications to Each Audience

Our company, MCMC, specializes in advertising, public relations and crisis communications.

Our talented group has a wide range of skills, including fully integrated advertising planning and implementation, media relations, employee communications, issues management, culture building and research.

We help executive clients effectively implement corporate strategy with on-target communications to all stakeholders. Being located in a mid-sized market, we have the experience that comes from helping clients in a wide range of industries with a number of interesting and confidential projects in the areas of market research, crisis management, reputation management, litigation and M&A.

We have a great deal of experience in healthcare, finance, public health, education and nonprofit organizations in the social service sector. We love helping clients grow their businesses, improve their corporate reputation and culture and become increasingly resilient and successful.

Specialties: Advertising, public relations, media relations, branding, strategic marketing planning, crisis management, issues and reputation management, interactive communications, internal communications, marketing research and analyzing business data.

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