Ecommerce SEO

Boutique Ecommerce SEO Firm

If you’re looking for a talented team who can take your online store to the next level with ecommerce search engine optimization, you’ve come to the right place. Every member of our team has 5+ years of experience working with U.S.-based ecommerce stores to improve their organic visibility and grow their business sustainably.

Our SEO Process

We’re a strictly white-hat SEO firm. Our SEOs have been in the industry for long enough to have been a part of the Wild West days of SEO, and they’ve seen businesses fail when unethical tactics come back to haunt them. We don’t believe in SEO as a method for fast, short-term growth. As such, we’re happy to direct clients with an interest in short-term success to other, more appropriate services.

In the first month of working with your online shop, we’ll complete a thorough SEO audit and produce a plan for reaching your goals over a length of time that takes your budget, goals and feasibility into account.


Our plans are 100% customized to reflect the client’s industry, goals and history. However, there are a few tactics that almost every online store benefits from using:

  • Keyword research – Our expert team will research to determine the keywords that best reflect your business and are most used by potential customers to find products just like yours. We don’t just stop at search volume, though: We take competition, intent and popularity into account as we map appropriate keywords across your site.
  • Title tag optimization – Keyword research means nothing if it’s not put to use. We take the keywords mapped to your pages and craft enticing title tags that communicate clearly to both search engines and users. (Want to know more about how title tags can get you more visitors? We love this video from Moz.)
  • On-page content – Great on-page content does more than give Google more words for context. The best content helps customers feel more connected to your brand. It answers questions, improves conversion rates and shows your personality.
  • Technical improvements – Many ecommerce sites have technical factors that are decreasing their overall site quality. Whether it’s slow loading times, poor architecture or issues with meta data, our team has experience finding these problems and fixing them.
  • Off-site connections – Like it or not, links are still an important part of Google’s algorithm. We’ll work to improve your authority in your industry through making connections with other website owners and creating useful content that boosts your brand.

Platforms we use

Our team has worked with many different ecommerce platforms and we are comfortable implementing changes in almost every software out there. Haven’t started your ecommerce site and want SEO advice from the beginning? We’re happy to provide platform advice based on your goals, needs and constraints.
Here are a few platforms we’ve used when working with past clients:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • 3D Cart
  • BigCommerce
  • Squarespace
  • Volusion
  • Weebly
  • OpenCart
  • Pinnacle Cart
  • Big Cartel
  • Etsy
  • Cost of our SEO services

    We do everything we can to provide SEO services that will grow your business without emptying your bank account. Our SEO services cost $150 per hour, and we work with clients to create a plan that fits their budget.

    Free consultations

    We believe in the power of SEO for improving businesses. Whether you end up working with us or not, we’re always happy to discuss your website’s SEO. Give us a call to get a free consultation where we’ll give you initial impressions of your website’s SEO. If we end up not being the best fit for your business, we’ll happily give you advice for finding an agency who will be, including tips on how to spot low quality SEO proposals. Call us today at 806-350-6655.